Pavel Baxant: "Beweg´ Dich! Bewegung!"

Originalsong: "Bewegung!" Musik und Text: Pavel Baxant

Through the Year 2019 until February 2020, i spend much Time with the Creations of the impressive and talented Musician and Singer/Songwriter Pavel Baxant from the District of Tulln, Lower Austria.
We played several Gigs with Pavel & Band, with Pavel & Friends, and with Thomas G. Paul & Band.
The Vocal Tracks of one of his Demos, combined with "Widersacher Sounds & Rhythm", and the virtuosic Electric Guitar Play by Geri Cuba, the Result is a Special Version of one of the best Songs Pavel ever wrote.
"Beweg´ Dich! Bewegung!" is still not released yet, because of open questions.

Pavel Baxant: Composition, Lyrics, Vocals.
Geri Cuba: Electric Guitars.
Manfred Hirmann: "Alles andere" ( that means: "All the Rest, what is to do!") Creation, Instrumentation and Programming of all Drums, Percussion, Bass Lines, Key Lines and Synth Sounds. Guitar Recordings, Audio Production and Cover Graphics.


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